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“Tyndale’s association with Ridgecrest commenced in 2011. It became clear quickly that the discipleship opportunities available by being based at Ridgecrest where far greater than other camps offered in recent years. A primary goal of Year 11 camp has been service in the local community along with opportunities for growth in discipleship and a rural experience for our students and leaders. It was obvious that from the beginning Ridgecrest would provide an ideal base to pursue these goals. Ridgecrest Oval is also an excellent location for stargazing and have been able to observe God’s magnificent heavens through a telescope. 

“participation in the ‘touristy’ activities of the district has brought about mixed responses. Legal studies classes have visited the Old Dubbo Gaol while all campers have visited Wellington Caves and Western Plain Zoo each year’

“Our kids go to farms for a day and working on these farms has been greatly valued. The Farmers have shared stories of faith and God’s enabling through tough years on the land. Students were always inspired and challenged by these testimonies. For many students this had been their first venture onto rural properties and was a real eye opener regarding the source of their food”

“it goes without saying that the views are spectacular. A walk up the ridge to view a sunset and then to be awaked by the sun rising over the range is a special way to welcome and farewell each day”

Allan O’Connor, Tyndale Christian School, Blacktown

“the facility at Ridgecrest is the most amazing venue and so conductive to bringing young people to Jesus. It has been an uplifting and encouraging experience over the last few years to hear the stories of all the parents of the kids now coming to the camp, and how their Christian journey either started or was encouraged and supported by the Ridgecrest camps, and its an absolute honour to be a part of this heritage with the motocross camp”

-Nik Sullivan, Competitive Edge Motocross coaching, Sydney

“I have personally attended several camps, church retreats and personal spiritual retreats at Ridgecrest. It is a spectacular and special place for Christian rest, encouragement and reflection.

as a resident in the Riverina Baptist District, I realise that I am not part of your official area. But I would like to point out that Ridgecrest is the nearest (and best) site for Christians and churches in my region to go to for camps, retreats etc. Farmers camp have in attendance farmers and pastors from Condobolin, Lake Cargelligo, West Wyalong, Ariah Park and Coolamon to name just a few. I am sure I speak for all of them when I say we all look forward to being able to attend the next camp at Ridgecrest for many years to come because it is such a very special place”

Lake Cargelligo Baptist Church – Pastor Mark Hall

“our church camps have an integral role to the ministry of our church. Ridgecrest works very well for us as a venue, being an hour’s drive from Orange. The staff (new and past) have always been accommodating and worked in with us”

Bruce Bennet, Orange Evangelical Church

“I have been attending camps at Ridgecrest for the past 14 years. I have always found it to be a convenient, friendly, welcoming, clean and well-appointed venue, with encouraging, helpful and godly staff. Having camps at Ridgecrest has been invaluable for our church family in terms of i) having time away from the normal busyness of life to think through Gods words together ii) especially having extended time together as a church family to develop and strengthen relationships without our church family. 

Through camps at Ridgecrest I have seen individuals grow in their knowledge of God and his Word, their faith, and their love for Jesus. I have also seen fruit in our church as people have developed new relationships and strengthened existing ones. This happens at camps in a way that I have not seen happen elsewhere. 

On a personal note, my children attend PK camp at Ridgecrest for the past 4 years. This camp has been a great ministry for many years and has been beneficial for my family more recently. My kids look forward to PK camps at Ridgecrest every year. 

David Ferres, Dubbo Presbyterian Church

I'll give you an example from my own personal experience this past week end.

We in our area to the south around the Ariah Park/Ardlethan live about 340 km from Ridgecrest. It is a long way to come but we believe it is worth the trip.

This year, as tradition continues, we arrived at the Chinese restaurant in the main street of Molong. Ten of us including Ian Lyons, one of our special speakers had dinner there together before continuing on to Ridgecrest. Those from our area do this every year. As we were about to have our meal and say grace I asked a favour of the 10 men there. Would they stop a moment to pray for my 18 month old grandson Henry who was in Wagga Hospital with breathing difficulties from a bad dose of bronchitis. He was also being given oxygen. Ian immediately prayed on behalf of us all and I was very thankful. All the way to camp and through the night I was receiving messages as to Henry's condition. His condition was improving, but slowly.

As I crawled into my sleeping bag on Saturday night there was a thunder storm. Large flashes of lightning and heavy rolls of thunder which seemed to be just outside my bedroom window! They were loud!

For reasons I cannot explain I felt the presence of God; as if Jesus was assuring me that He was there and hadn't forgotten my grandson or our prayer. This was assurance I needed at the time.

I have a love for poetry and this meeting with God's presence gave me inspiration for a poem which I am attaching below. I leave it to you to decide how good or otherwise it is. All I know is Jesus gave it to me and He honoured our prayers.

Yours in Jesus,
Max Goulter



Farmers conference Executive

Jesus Spoke to Me Last Night

Jesus spoke to me last night
He made His voice quite clear
The men that came to speak to us
Reminded us He's here

Then when I crawled into my bed
He spoke to me again
To me was unmistakeable
His presence and intent

There was a blinding flash upon the drapes
A thundering that did jam
As His presence filled the chasm
Right across this massive dam

He said, "I know that you've been wondering
If My answer will be clear
So I'm hovering over Ridgecrest
Just to let you know I'm here"

I'd been praying for my grandson
Poor kid could barely breathe
As we travelled up on Friday night
The message was received

We prayed for him at Molong
As we stopped to eat up there
But I kept wondering did the Master hear
And had He heard our prayer

As I pondered in my bed last night
Again, -- that flash lit up the sky
And again my Master thundered
In magnificent reply

"Yes I'm here my doubtful son
Just calm your weary soul
And listen to the power
That can make your grandson whole"

By Max Goulter